In the name of MOST HIGH!

OBJECTIVE: Provide consistent career counselling for the SHARE recipient, of Syeda Sakina Education Fund (SEF), so that they can become a productive member of society.

METHOD: To hold monthly sessions in every location where there is a need, involving educationists who can guide the children. To gather data about the students. And to develop customized plan for their future education.


Started 2017 December by dedicated team of Share volunteers. The goal is to develop system of career counselling. Every child is assessed, and questionnaire is filled about their background and their social challenges. The plan is to link up these children to Share Mentorship Program, when they graduate from Matric.

List of programs held since 2017

December 2017
Al-Hadi school, Karachi, Pakistan 70 participants

May 2018
City of Knowledge, Karachi, Pakistan 150 participants

August 2018
Al-Hadi school, Karachi, Pakistan 80 participants

6th January 2019
Baldia Town, Karachi, Pakistan 60 participants

3rd February 2019
Orangi, Karachi, Pakistan 70 participants

Obstacles based on experience:

  1. Poverty
  2. Lack of vision
  3. Focus on secondary issues
  4. Lack of access quality of education
  5. Lack of trained teachers
  6. Lack of good schools

Future plans:

  1. Teachers training: develop teachers’ network who can play a vital role in improving the level of education.
  2. Provide scholarship to the outstanding students in the area, so they can pursue their dreams.
  3. Build a network of counsellors.