SHARE International believes in empowerment. Every human being has a right to be self sufficient through education and skills training. SHARE International offers small business loan to deserving individuals so they can help themselves. The money can be used to generate a living through various activities, like


  •  Sewing machines
  •  Fruit/vegetable cart
  •  Motor rickshaw
  •  Training courses for mobile repair, other skill trades





Another SHARE Initiative has been setting up vocational training centers in deserving areas. SHARE DI Khan VOCATIONAL IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM was set up in 2015, with a basic funding with 4577 $ and for maintenance of this center was done with a sum of 500 $ each month till April 2017. Our goal was to make deserving widows who had lost their bread winners, self-sufficient. With this in mind, our Pilot project of setting up a Skill Training center came into existence in DIK Pakistan. This Center had two projects, a Sewing Skills Center and a Beautician Training Center located in the same building.

Uptil now 74 students completed the vocational Course, out of these 50 students were able to stitch independently.24 were able to work professionally and earn their living.

20 students were enrolled in the Beautician Course and out of these 5 run their own Beauty Parlours and serve their neighborhood women, while the rest were able to do self-grooming.

Brief history

Opened Sept 2014

Unique first of its kind center

Main goal is self sufficiency

Most families have lost their breadwinner

First classes started October 2014 – until December 2015

Location : Dera Ismail Khan Pakistan





Summary of achievements:

  • 74 students completed Vocational Course
  • 20 students completed Beautician Course
  • Approx 50 vocational students able to stitch on their own.
  • Approx 25 vocational students used these skills as professional and earn a living now, Alhamdolillah.
  • All 20 students do their makeup by themselves and save money
  • Five (5) students of Beautician course run their own parlors.