Today,  worldwide 123 million children of primary education age are not in school due to many reasons. In Pakistan , according to UNESCO data, only 71 % children attend primary school. This means 23 million children are deprived of this basic right. Furthermore, girls face discrimination and are far less likely to get a decent education. SHARE International was founded just to work on the mission to help children from underserved areas , get a chance for education

SHARE’s primary goal is to create educational opportunities for the most disadvantaged segment of the society.  SHARE humbly supports multiple schools in Pakistan that cater to the under-served children . In 2015, we raised over $80,000 to support 7 schools in Pakistan.

Let’s do our SHARE !



If you are a non -profit school

If you are located in underserved area

If you give free education to orphans


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Al Kauser School Project – Parachinaar (Orphan only)


This fund is dedicated for Al-Kawser School / Orphanage , located in the town of Parachinaar area. Currently the orphanage serves 88 children. The cost of tuition , food, boarding per child is average of $50 per month. Our goal is to take care of these precious  children like our children. Let’s do our share and donate generously towards this cause. If you need details about the child, please email us at



Jamshoro (Sindh) Project , Sind Pakistan (Underserved village area)

Jamshoro District is located 150 kilometers Northeast from Karachi, the commercial capital of Pakistan. Jamshoro project was launched by local organization to provide primary schooling to the local village. SHARE provides for the salaries of the teachers. Currently there are five teachers who are giving basic primary education to kids upto 6th grade.

SHARE Internationals volunteers visited Jasmshoro School on April 16,  2016 and were impressed by the development. The school now has a brick structure for the kids, who were previously being taught in a tent in the burning sun.The kids can now read and write english. The students were tested for their english skills and maths skills by the volunteers . Let us keep supporting such projects.

School Project-Jamshoro


School Uniform Distribution – Lahore, Pakistan

Uniforms were distributed to many children in the area 2015.


City of Knowledge School – Karachi, Pakistan (Underserved area)

As part of our School Assistance Project, Share International gives financial assistance to schools in underserved areas. This financial assistance is spent to buy consumable educational materials, such as books, paper, and writing materials and also to purchase durable assets for the school such as computers and furniture.

One example of a school which has recently received financial assistance thru our School Assistance projects is City of Knowledge School, Karachi, Pakistan.

 Career Guidance Public School, Skardu (Gilgit Baltistan) Pakistan