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A letter writing campaign- kids to kids ( CAMPAIGN CLOSED )

WHAT TO DO:     School going kids are invited to express their feeling of support towards school kids of Peshawar, Pakistan who were affected by Dec 16, 2014 tragedy.  SHARE will mail all letters as a bulk mail to the school. The letters will be read in the school assembly.


MAIL TO:            7801 Chase Rd Dearborn MI 48126 before 2/20/2015.



Many of us are blessed to have a safe, secure and a comfortable life. Many of us are not sensitive to the situations that our brothers and sisters, in humanity, are facing in other parts of the globe.

 SHARE International's vision is to promote cooperation and building relationships between different cultures and understand the suffering of all.SHARE would like to facilitate building this relationship, one on one, with people of the world so they can start communicating with each other, understanding one another, feeling what the other is feeling and consoling one another. While one may think they are in a better position materially  than another, you never know you will find a friend who in the other part of the world can help you overcome your troubles and see through the realities of this life..

 We would like to start by inviting everyone, especially, all children and youth to pick a friend of a similar age, write a letter to a student in Pakistan on the list attached below extending your hand of friendship, asking them to be your friend and that you would like to get to know them and that you care about them and their well-being. Ask them about their school, about their daily lives, their schedules and what they enjoy and don’t. Tell them a few things about yourself so they get to know you. In the end, let them know you are waiting for their reply.

 In this manner if we continue, this will become a perpetual and an everlasting relationship and communication will be ongoing inshallah.

 We ask the teachers in schools, parents and community leaders to facilitate this exchange of communication.

 From our faith as taught by Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his Ahlul bayt (AS) we learn that charity is not only done by money but it is also by exchanging a smile, making someone’s day better, showing them that there is someone who cares. Letting them know that they are not alone.

Our first campaign is for the children of Peshawar Army Public School survivors.