When calamity strikes, it affects large number of families simultaneously.

Let's SHARE our efforts when help is needed in times of man-made or natural disasters. SHARE International appeals to all to contribute to our Disaster Relief Fund. This fund is dedicated to provide immediate assistance to public affected by any catastrophe. 

SHARE Internationals chapter SHARE Pakistan , is actively helping the victims  in Karachi , Quetta and other places in Pakistan.

What will the disaster fund do ? 

- Short term food assistance.

- Lodging support to people affected.

- Emergency medical expenses.

- Other miscellaneous expenses that may arise during any tragedy.

How does this work?

SHARE International is a 501 (3) (c) charity setup for humanitarian relief in the area of education, disaster relief and empowerment. It operates in the international arena, via its chapters such as SHARE Pakistan (regd). 

Does SHARE Pakistan collaborate with other social service organizations?

Yes . As long as they are legally registered and in good standing and in line with SHAREs mission and vision. 

Which other disasters has SHARE Pakistan provided emergency relief? 

- Floods in Pakistan 2010

- Quetta Tragedy 2013 

Who will deliver the aid on the ground?

SHARE Pakistan volunteers with the help of other national social service organizations will help in times of need. 

How do I know , my donation is going to the right cause that I intended for ?

SHARE Pakistan , routinely keeps all receipts, all documents and other items such as photos etc. All of these are kept electronically and can be provided to the donor on demand. 

Can I specify which disaster this donation is for? 

Every disaster is different and every disaster has different need. The required amount can vary. Thus we will keep your donation in the general disaster relief fund and will release it in time of need. Currently Karachi and Quetta  tragedies are the main disasters being served.  




And Help countless of families