Centers for Excellence




What are Centers for Excellence (CFE)?

Centers for excellence are after school training centers, run by experience teachers . The teachers provide extra tuition assistance to talented children.


  • Extreme focus on talent harvesting.
  • Professional paid teachers.
  • Focus on moral and religious upbringing also.
  • Opportunity of skill learning.


Saeed Haider Zaidi Center for Excellence (Ahsanabad, Karachi)

The first CFE, named after prominent educationist, Late Saeed Haider Zaidi,  was setup in the area of Ahsanabad, outskirts of Karachi, Pakistan. The Center is operated by a highly trained educationist, who has PhD in education . 

This center also provides , sporting activities as well. Currently computer skills classes are being offered to the children of the area

Current Subjects:

- Computer sciences.

- Mathematics.

Number of students (8th-12 grade) expected: 



7 Room facility

Computer Room

Gym Area

5 Class rooms

Fully operational : On Eid Al-Adha 1434 AH


Professor Sibte Jaafer  Center for Excellence 

Our second CFE, named after eminent literary and community leader, Late Professor Sibte Jaafer Zaidi , is being orperated in F.B. Area, Block 6 in Karachi Pakistan.

 REGISTRATION FORM (click to download)

Fill the form and email back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Current Subjects:

8 Subjects required for Pre-medical and Pre-engineering courses for college. 


Quranic Studies


Number of students expected:


Date Started:   August 20 2013


Vision of Center For Excellence:

To have at least 1 CFE in every major population area across the country.


Our basic goal is to harvest talent and support bright children, and give them an opportunity to excel and advance in their field.


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